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We believe that the Philippines is rich in culture and artistry. We are proud of our roots.

The coffee and service we offer are a testament to our deep love of our country. Established by Steve Benitez on June 28, 1996, we have reinvented our platform for startup businesses and social enterprises to put the global limelight on Philippine Coffee and Filipino tradition.

Our Bayanihan Mentality drives us to give social enterprises a voice, leaving a legacy of positive change. Bo’s Coffee works with young brands from all over the Philippines such as Theo and Philo Chocolates, Bayani Brew, Anthill Fabric Gallery, Tsaa Laya, Bote Cental, AGREA Coco Sugar and Hope in a Bottle.

We want everyone we meet to feel welcome in a place where they can work, laugh, or bond– A place to call home.

We are Bo’s Coffee. Your Homegrown Brew.

  • Farmers Picking the beans by hand for Bo's Coffee

    Sweet, nutty, and well-balanced, with hints of chocolate and fresh tobacco.

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Nestled in the center of the Cordillera region in thenorthern part of the Philippines, the town of Sagada is a popular destination for travelers who are either thrill seekers or nature lovers because of its majestic mountains and natural attractions.

Atok & Ampucao

Well-loved for its idyllic landscape and cold weather, the province of Benguet can be found at the Cordillera region in the northern part of the Philippnes.

Mt. Kitanglad

Mt. Kitanglad is located in the province of Bukidnonin Mindanao Island. Showcasing various species offlora and fauna, this inactive volcano was declaredas an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2009.

Mt. Apo

At 2,954 meters (9,692 ft), Mount Apo is the highest mountain and volcano in the Philippines. It is one of the country's most popular climbing destinations. Also, in the moutain ranges of Mt. Apo, between North Cotabato and Davao del Sur, a single coffee origin bloomed that has a sweet and earthy flavor.

Mt. Matutum

Mt. Matutum is located in South Cotabato, in the Island of Mindanao, in the southern part of the Philippines.This majestic mountain is abundant with lush foliage, making the home of diverse plant and animal species– one of which is the Philippine Eagle.

Our Namesake

Bo is an Italian-American roaster who we met at an exhibit in New Orleans when he was learning all about the coffee business. Bo’s passion and commitment for roasting quality coffee inspired Steve to name the brand after him.

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