Why Is Drive-Thru Coffee Gaining Popularity?

Bo's Coffee Store on NLEX with Drive Thru


Drive-thru coffee makes it easy to have your favorite brew in the car simply by pulling up to a window at a drive-thru stop. Viewing the menu, placing an order, and paying – all without having to leave the car has been gaining popularity. Drive-thru has always been a part of the global coffee sector for decades, when one opened back in 1990 in Portland, Oregon. But with the recent turn of events that welcomed a new way of getting a cup of coffee more conveniently, many believe it’s only just getting started.


Bo's Coffee Store on Banilad Town Center with drive thru


While the coffee experience enjoyed in-store could not be replicated in a car, global coffee giants have created drive-thru points, and luckily, our very own Bo’s Coffee has opened its Banilad Town Center drive-thru store in 2011 - way back when drive-thru coffee shops are doing today.

The Drive-Thru Coffee Experience

The concept of drive-thru service might be aligned with some coffee fans’ expectations from their favorite cafes. Many feel they want their coffee to be an experience, and are happy to sit and wait - because they feel that a good cup of coffee takes time.

“We can absolutely deliver exceptional coffee in a drive-thru setting and still be able to deliver a customer experience. We believe that putting up our drive-thru stores is just simply a different means to crafting a coffee community,” says Bo’s Coffee Founder, Steve Benitez.


Bo's Coffee Store Malolos with Drive Thru


The quick and the convenient appeal of coffee drive-thru has never been more apparent during the pandemic as there are those who are still cautious about strains of the virus. Bo’s Coffee continues to strategically place new drive-thru locations today to offer a more convenient way of getting a cup of Philippine Coffee. Following the opening of stores in the fast-growing Malolos City district earlier this year, Bo’s Coffee continues to open more drive-thrus that let you park, order, stretch and relax as you enjoy your homegrown favorites.

“With fast, efficient, and overall friendly drive-thru experience, we are slowly picking up from where the pandemic left us and still continuing to attract and retain customers,” Bo’s Coffee COO Rachel B. Fallarme explains. “Speed and convenience make our drive-thrus appealing for its accessibility to Bo’s Coffee drinkers who cannot afford to take time out at our dine-in stores.”


Bo’s Coffee Drive-Thru Store located at Petron KM42 NLEX Northbound


The newest store to open with the feature is Bo’s Coffee Drive-Thru Store located at Petron KM42 NLEX Northbound where fans can get a fix of your favorite cup of Philippine Coffee, freshly baked goods, and a selection of sandwiches and pasta that you can grab and go with. Drive thru stores are open from 8 AM to 10 PM.

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