Thinking Oatside the cup: Bo’s Coffee introduces sustainable milk alternative

Bo’s Coffee launches a healthier milk option through its partnership with Oatside, a Singaporean brand founded in 2020 that aims to provide sustainable plant-based milk without compromising the flavor and quality that we enjoy with the usual milk. Bo’s Coffee became the official partner of Oatside here in the Philippines since June 1 this year with the launch of milk substitutes for all Latte and espresso-blend beverage.  

Go Dairy-free enjoy your favorite with oat milk

It is no secret that Filipinos became more health conscious now more than ever. While some maintain a healthy diet due to health conditions, some are willing to add or switch to healthier alternatives to improve their lifestyle even with their coffee. Due to this demand, Bo’s Coffee continues to venture into healthier options. With this guilt-free alternative, Oatside oatmilk is also high in calcium for bones, high in beta glucans and less sugar for digestive and heart health.

Oatside oat milk is also specially designed to create that rich and creamy mouthfeel, and has a slightly sweet oaty taste, which is perfect for creating dense micro foam for your silky strong coffee or foamy coffee but healthier!

Iced Cinnamon Honey Oat Latte

Enjoy the healthy, creamy goodness of Oatside oat milk with the new Cinnamon Honey Oat Latte especially handcrafted to complement the strong and smooth Philippine Coffee from Bo’s Coffee.

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