Bo’s Coffee Has Healthy Milk Alternatives That Complement Its Espresso Beverages

While most coffee aficionados prefer their coffee black, it cannot be argued that coffee and milk go well together. The sweet, creamy milk and the intense espresso make for a satisfying drink. And while whole milk is the most common choice when making a latte, the rise of milk alternatives in stores and cafes around the globe continues.

Have you tried some alternatives and just got disappointed that your coffee didn’t quite turn out closely similar to your usual? Milk alternatives can be a bit tricky at first, but we’ve made sure to find the best tasting ones for your coffee.

Oat Milk

Our Oat Milk is a real champion as it steams, froths, and pours really well. Even the latte art and consistency are similar to whole milk. At Bo’s Coffee stores, we’ve partnered with Oatside to give you the best-tasting oat milk pairing to our coffee. This guilt-free alternative oat milk is high in calcium for bones, high in beta glucans and has less sugar for digestive and heart health. Oatside oat milk is also specially designed to create a rich and creamy mouthfeel, has a slightly sweet oat-y taste perfect for creating dense micro foam for our silky, strong coffee or foamy coffee - but healthier!

Soy Milk

Soy Milk is one of the top alternatives at many of our Bo’s Coffee stores. While it is different than your usual whole milk, it doesn’t fall short of coming up with decent consistency. There’s just so many choices of soy milk today, but finding the perfect barista edition for your Philippine Coffee was worth it!

Diverse cultures, allergies and dietary intolerances all have contributed to the growth of available of plant based milk alternatives to complement your cup of joe. So when selecting these plant-based milk alternatives for you, we, at Bo’s Coffee, makes sure we only use barista-friendly choices to complement your handcrafted, strong Philippine Coffee favorites.

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