Bo’s Coffee lets us rediscover the best of Philippine Tea with Tsaa Laya

Always lending its support to Filipino brands, Bo’s Coffee’s shaken iced teas and hot teas are made with Tsaa Laya - a brand of premium, locally-sourced and organically farmed Philippine Herbal Teas.
Harvesting Premium Quality Tea Organically Farmed in the Philippines
With its herbs packed fresh without artificial flavoring, Tsaa Laya teas are known to preserve its pure taste and essential aroma from farm to cup. Tsaa Laya partners with rural communities where the enterprise develops sustainable livelihood for Filipinos to produce local herbal flavors into exquisite tea blends.
Tsaa Laya founder Jamir ocampo
Jamir Ocampo, founder of Tsaa Laya, has long been fascinated with local herbs given the Philippines’ biodeversity. Ten years ago, Jamir secured funding from the British Council’s Social Enterprise competition on his sustainable livelihood program for an herbal village community that can produce Philippine herbal teas. He used this fund to start a livelihood program for typhoon victims who were relocated from Manila to Calauan, Laguna. From hereon, Tsaa Laya’s main goal has the improvement of lives of the Filipinos embedded to it and is now expanding to develop other tea communities in other parts of the Philippines.

Tsaa Laya Community Farmers

Distinctly different from what classic Black or Green Teas taste like, Philippine herbal teas have been getting a shake up with Tsaa Laya’s more creative combinations of aromatic local herbs, fruits and spices - raising Philippine herbal traditions into a flavorful and exquisite tea experience. The Lemon Ginger’s zest and warmth, Pandan’s natural sweetness, and the fresh, cool sensation from Tanglad all give a sense of the familiar and distinct flavors that are healthy, calming and nourishing.

Steve Benitez, CEO and Founder of Bo's Coffee together with Jamir Ocampo, Founder of Tsaa Laya at the Calauan Tea Village.

 From left to right :Steve Benitez, CEO and Founder of Bo's Coffee together with Jamir Ocampo, Founder of Tsaa Laya at the Calauan Tea Village.

Bo’s Coffee has endeavored to become a pillar of strength for Filipino artisan brands like Tsaa Laya. It has committed to be a platform for Filipino social enterprises to reach a global audience so more Bo’s Coffee tea range of beverages carry the Tsaa Laya tea experience.

Tsaa Laya continues to develop novel herbal blends that source local ingredients and showcase Filipino flavors, and Bo’s Coffee has always made them accessible to you. From its roster of shaken iced teas to its hot teas - every sip is truly a mark from a homegrown brew.



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