Anthill Fabrics deck Bo's Coffee stores with local textiles, baristas as Proud Weave Wearers

A few years ago, Anthill Fabrics became a mainstay of Bo's Coffee branding when it transitioned to the campaign “Your Homegrown Brew.” Bo’s Coffee has endeavored to become a pillar of strength for Filipino artisan brands like Anthill Fabrics committing to be a platform for Filipino social enterprises to reach a larger audience.
Bo's Coffee with Anthill Fabrics in store chairs.
"Our advocacy for community development and sustainability came to fruition with our collaboration with Anthill in our mission to support local enterprises and products. Anthill became a perfect partner as we wanted to use indigenous fabrics in our stores. The history of their every weave is so rich, Bo's Coffee is proud to showcase their stories in our stores," says CEO & Bo's Coffee founder, Steve Benitez.
Bo's Coffee with Anthill Fabrics in store walls.

Bo's Coffee stands by what Anthill Fabrics believes in - to honor the Filipino weaving customs that our forefathers passed down to us. They pay homage to the past by preserving our culture via the use of our exquisite weaves today. They held the view that each fiber links us as a single community and a single people.  The national tapestries of our country are full of symbolic meaning that depicts our traditions and Identity.



Bo's Coffee with Anthill Fabrics in store barista unforms

Celebrating Filipino culture, heritage and traditions with pride, Bo's Coffee supports this with a mission to use our coffee shops as a place to promote and deepen the impact to more communities, using Anthill Fabrics in its stores seen in wall design, upholstery and even in uniforms. The partnership has become an opportunity to use indigenous fabrics as Anthill's ingenuity weaves illustrate the Filipino way of life.

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