Brews and Bars Sampler

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What's in the Box?

● 1pc 250g Barista Beans
● 2pcs Theo & Philo Chocolate
● 2pcs Tsaa Laya Tea Sachets

Feeling blue? Let the bluish hue of this flora infusion blended with calming and cooling hints of select herbs warm your heart.
Ingredients: Butterfly Pea Flower, Pandan, Lemongrass, and Mint.

Tropical Summer
Refresh yourself with the tropical tang of mango and pineapple blended with lemongrass for zesty finish, your perfect summer treat in a cup.
Ingredients: Pineapple, Mango, Lemongrass, and Turmeric.

Lemon Ginger
Relax with sunny scent of Lemongrass and the soothing touch of ginger and turmeric.
Ingredients: Lemongrass, Ginger, and Turmeric

Wild Mint
Perk up your senses with cooling menthol of our double mint bend.
Ingredients: Wild Mint, and Peppermint

Barista Blend Coffee Bean

A special blend of Robusta Coffee from parts of Cavite and Arabica Coffee from Benguet that creates a bold and bittersweet flavor with smooth mouthfeel.

Bo's Coffee Barista Blend combines the full-bodied intensity of Robusta with the sweet delicate flavors of Arabica, resulting in a perfectly balanced cup.

Ingredients: 30% Arabica, 70% Robusta
Roast: Medium Dark Roast
Flavor Profile: Bold and bittersweet flavor with smooth mouthfeel. With Notes of Nuts, chocolates and caramel
Body: Medium Bodied
Acidity: Low Acidity
Complimentary Food Flavors: Nuts, chocolates and caramel
Size: 250g