Calm Your Senses with Bo’s Coffee Lavender Latte

“Stop and smell the flowers”. This popular saying is very appropriate to wdescribe that favorite part of the day --- coffee break. This time around, the homegrown coffee chain encourages everyone to take time out of one’s busy schedule to relax and take a break to calm your senses

Tara, kape muna. 

Bo’s Coffee’s new limited-edition beverages and baked goods are a perfect way to treat yourself during your well-deserved coffee break, so you can say “Laban lang!” after you get yourself invigorated.

The new Lavender Latte mixes an espresso base with whole milk, heavy cream, condensed milk, lavender syrup, topped with dry lavender buds to enhance its aroma. 

These limited time offer beverages are available in medium size at P175 in hot and iced variants.

Also available are the new Oatmeal Cranberry Craft Cookies, Cappuccino-Glazed Doughnuts and Macchiato-Glazed Doughnuts. 

Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy towards the center make a good Oatmeal Cranberry Craft Cookie. 

Oatmeal Cranberry Craft Cookies are P50/piece. 

From your favorite homegrown coffee comes soft and moist ringed doughnuts coated with a cappuccino and macchiato-flavored glaze to give your taste buds that caffeine kick.

Cappuccino-Glazed Doughnuts and Macchiato-Glazed Doughnuts are P90 each. 

Also available are Bo’s Coffee Valentine Gift Sets starting at P595, for you to share your love for Philippine Coffee with the special people in your life.

Bo’s Coffee new items are available for a limited time only in Luzon, Cebu and select stores in Visayas and Mindanao until March 31, 2021.