Bo’s Coffee Safety and Sanitation After The Lifting of ECQ

The safety and health of customers, delivery partners and store teams remain the top priority at Bo’s Coffee. With the continued spread of COVID-19 threats around the country, most businesses remain closed until the ECQ is lifted while others are able to open, but with their own ways of keeping their stores safe and sanitary

One of the local businesses that is slowly re-opening their branches is Bo’s Coffee, the beloved homegrown coffee chain. While the brand continues to have delivery and pick-up services available in a few select locations during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, they are also getting ready to slowly reopen their stores to the public and are taking extra safety and sanitary measures to ensure that their customers are in good hands once they fully re-open.

Here are some of the things Bo’s Coffee is currently doing to ensure the safety and sanitation of their stores, and protect the health of their customers, as well as their store teams:

COVID-19 Safety Plan – How they’re making sure their customers are safe

Sanitation Stations

Among their current efforts are providing sanitation stations such as foot bath/sanitation mat that will be used by customers and team members to sanitize their shoes before entering the store, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of the store, hand sanitizers at the cashier and bar areas, and temperature checks by the store team member or security personnel.

Air Quality

Aside from these sanitation measures, air con and air vents will be thoroughly sanitized and cleaned at least once a week to make sure there is minimal chance of air contamination.

Store team members are also required to wear face masks at all times.

Social Distancing

Initially, most stores will be open only for entryway service, delivery, pick-up, take-out and curbside pick-up. Stores that will be open for dine-in service will have their seating capacity decreased by 50% to maintain social distancing.

There will be markers on the floor to indicate proper distance between customers who are in line to order.

Bo's Coffee Store floor Distancing Guidelines
Bo's Coffee Store table Distancing Guidelines
Bo's Coffee Store Bar Guidelines

Contactless Transactions

Contactless service is also being strictly implemented during this time and customers are strongly encouraged to use Bo’s Coffee Order Ahead via Messenger platform for seamless ordering and cashless payment. Online ordering and delivery is also available through their delivery partners FoodPanda, LalaFood, and soon GrabFood.

Bo's Coffee Store Front Guidlines
Bo's Coffee Store Front Hours and Pick Up Guidlines

All electronic payments are accepted at Bo’s Coffee and for credit card payments, customers will be asked to personally slot in their credit card in the terminal while for cash transactions, cash trays will be provided as well to avoid direct contact.

While Bo’s Coffee has strongly supported the movement on reducing single-use plastic, the safety of customers is now of higher importance and points of contact are minimized with the use of disposable packaging and non-use of ceramic wares and personal tumblers.

Condiments will be removed from the condiments station to minimize handling by multiple people and will be given by the barista together with the beverage order.

COVID-19 Safety Plan – How they’re making sure their store team members are safe

Health and Safety of Team Members

Aside from their customers’ health and safety, the company highly prioritizes the safety and health of their employees as well.

Some of the measures being implemented are daily body temperature checks of each store personnel at the start of each shift, clothes and shoes sanitation of each employee upon arrival at the store, personal protective equipment such as face masks, face shields and gloves are to be worn by each team member at all times, and a foot bath/sanitation mat will be provided for them, among other things.

Bo's Coffee Temperature Guideline for team members
Bo's Coffee team members Cashier with mask and face shield Guideline
Bo's Coffee team members Barista with mask and face shield Guideline

Minimizing points of contact, physical distancing, and hand hygiene are being implemented properly as well. Store team members are to maintain a safe distance between each other and only one team member per station is allowed on the floor.

Bo's Coffee Guidelines for Team members inside the store
Bo's Coffee Store Guidelines for Team members in cashier store

Handwashing guidelines will be posted in different areas in the store and hand sanitizing buzzers will be used as a continuous reminder to the store partners and even customers.

Bo's Coffee Store handwash procedure

Sanitation Strategy

Before store reopening, team members will undergo online training on new and updated safety, cleaning and sanitation procedures.

Team members are required to follow strict cleaning and sanitation procedures during pre-opening and post-closing of the store. While in operation, all points of contact and areas touched by customers and team members will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Bo's Coffee Store Kitchen and table Sanitation Procedure

Since the washroom is considered a hotspot, it will be kept locked, but customers will be
advised to ask the store team member to open it, should they need to use it, and will be sanitized after every use.

The reopening of Bo’s Coffee stores will be based on the national government’s guideline on which areas are under ECQ or GCQ but at the top of mind is the consideration for team members’ accessibility and safety as well as customer needs.

“As the post COVID-19 new normal, things will be very different with our stores now putting more emphasis on providing a safe and sanitary experience to both customers and team members, but the one thing that will be the same is we will strive to provide our customers the best Philippine Coffee experience whether in the comfort of their homes or in our stores.”

 Steve D. Benitez, CEO

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