Project Development Officer

Position Requirements


25-35 years old
BS Civil or Electrical / Mechanical
1-2 years experience
Has the ability to demonstrate fundamental knowledge base (architectural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical)
Willing to be assigned in Makati

Job Description


1. Responsible for planning, scheduling, conducting and coordinating the technical and management aspect of projects.
2. Accountable for the successful aspect of completion of engineering aspects.
3. Participating in contractors/service provider meeting and resolving engineering and management facilities issues.
4. Responds to requests (through phone calls or e-mail) related to janitorial, building maintenance, furniture and equipment issues, telephone repair and other maintenance related requests.
5. Reviews and responds to departmental maintenance requests, and makes decisions and/or recommendations based on the priorities of the request.
6. Evaluates cost estimates provided by vendors and county agencies including time, labor, and material requirements for completion of services, to ensure that the most cost-effective alternative is met, without compromising the quality of maintenance provided.
7. May assist in or coordinate the adjustment, removal or movement of modular workstations.
8. Monitors and coordinates the use of loaner equipment such as tables, amplification devices, conference telephone equipment and other equipment.
9. Maintains an inventory of pagers and responds to requests for repair or replacement of pagers.
10. Performs minor maintenance when possible to minimize the expense and time spent on repairs.
11. Reviews corrective and preventative maintenance schedules.
12. Reports difficult maintenance situations to Manager verbally, through written reports, or memos depending on urgency.
13. When a building lease exists, contacts landlord to communicate maintenance needs or maintenance plans that require landlord knowledge and/or approval.
14. Maintains effective and efficient communication with internal and external contacts.
15. Performs other related duties as required.